Newsworks 2006.1

August 25, 2006

NewsWorks Online is Thordon's web-based newsletter specifically developed for users of oil-free and grease-free bearings in the Marine, Hydro-turbine, Industrial and Offshore industries. You will find application information from Thordon customers regarding their latest environmentally friendly Thordon bearing applications.

New propeller shaft coating complements water lubricated bearings
Thordon Bearings Inc., a world leader in grease and oil-free bearing solutions has announced the introduction of Thor-Coat, a new proprietary shaft coating specially formulated to address the recognized risk of traditional coating failures on water lubricated propeller shafts. <MORE>

Tanker to bulker conversion specifies COMPAC to replace oil lubricated sterntube
In mid-2005 CSL International Inc (CSLI) invited Thordon Bearings to study the existing oil-lubricated sterntube system of its recently purchased 23 year-old tanker Cabot in the interest of converting it to a water lubricated stern tube bearing system. The US-based company, part of Canada's CSL Group, planned to convert the ship into a self-unloading bulk carrier at the Shan Hai Guan Shipyard in China.<MORE>

Grease free ThorPlas for kaplan runner blade bushings
In April 2005, operators at Alabama Electric Cooperative's 3-MW Gantt hydroelectric plant on the Conecuh River in Alabama, U.S.A., decided to replace the four runner blade trunnion bushings in the vertical Kaplan turbine of Unit 4. The bushings reduce friction when the runner blade pitch varies according to head and flow. <MORE>

Making a case for non-metallic pump bearings

This article will discuss some of the issues associated with vertical pump bearings in general, and non-metallic bearings specifically. Non-metallic bearings may not be the best answer in every case but have been an excellent choice for a great many applications worldwide. <MORE>