Newsworks 2005.1

December 31, 2004

NewsWorks Online is Thordon's web-based newsletter specifically developed for users of oil-free and grease-free bearings in the Marine, Hydro-turbine, Industrial and Offshore industries. You will find application information from Thordon customers regarding their latest environmentally friendly Thordon bearing applications.

Princess Cruises Continues to Install Water Lubricated Propeller Shaft Bearings
Princess Cruises has specified Thordon water lubricated COMPAC propeller shaft bearing systems for two new GRAND Class cruise ships (Hull No.'s 6131 and 6132) being built at Fincantieri Cantieri Navali Italiani SpA for 2007 and 2008 delivery. Bearing wear data from the first Princess Cruise ship equipped with COMPAC show an expected life of 15-20 years. <MORE>

Thordon XL Bearings Show Little Wear After 11 Year Run on TERRY FOX
In July 1994, the Canadian Coast Guard vessel, TERRY FOX, converted its propeller shaft rubber bearings to Thordon XL bearings. Since that time the icebreaker has toiled in such rugged environments as the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Canada's Arctic. Recently, the starboard shaft bearings were removed and measurements taken showing little wear. <MORE>

Thordon Helping to Catch Marlins in Sportfishing Yachts
Trying to catch that elusive trophy fish how many times have fisherman tried to find the reason why they couldn't land the big one. Was it the location? The bait? The line? Or maybe if the boat was quieter? Well today's Captain can have the advantage of a quieter boat with Thordon propeller shaft bearings. <MORE>

Maintenance at Inco Hydropower Generating Plant No Longer Frazzled by Downtime Concerns
Frazzle ice is created when long periods of extremely cold weather, typically in the -35°C (-31°F) range, turn river water into a giant Slushie®. This isn't uncommon on The Spanish River in Northern Ontario, Canada, home of three Inco Hydropower Generating Stations. There is a risk that the turbine may run dry and the main guide bearings may overheat and need to be removed, inspected and reinstalled again. This caused a lot of downtime...until Inco started using Thordon SXL main guide bearings.<MORE>

Thordon SXL Approved for Deep Well Pumps in Arizona
Ensuring the water supply for residents of the driest desert in North America - the Sonora - isn't a task that Salt River Project (SRP) takes lightly. Through a system of reservoirs, canals, irrigation laterals and more than 250 deep wells, the organization delivers nearly 1.2 billion m3 (1 million acre-feet) of water to central Arizona; a vast area that includes Phoenix and other surrounding cities, plus a myriad of towns and rural villages. SRP decided to test water lubricated SXL pump bearings in their deep water wells instead of oil lubricated bearings. <MORE>