Newsworks 2004.1

September 02, 2004

NewsWorks Online is Thordon's web-based newsletter specifically developed for users of oil-free and grease-free bearings in the Marine, Hydro-turbine, Industrial and Offshore industries. You will find application information from Thordon customers regarding their latest environmentally friendly Thordon bearing applications.

Thordon COMPAC integral in new, ultra-quiet Fisheries Survey Vessel (FSV)
Anglers understand the need to run quietly, as to not scare the fish away. That's relatively easy for a small boat with a trolling motor. But what about a mid-sized diesel-electric powered ship with a 4.3m (14 ft.) diameter propeller? Such was the challenge faced in building the new Fisheries Survey Vessel (FSV) for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). To ensure that fish populations could be studied effectively, the specifications featured the most advanced noise suppression technologies in the world , including Thordon COMPAC Water Lubricated Propeller Shaft Bearings. <MORE>

Thordon has what it takes for new U.S. MSC T-AKE vessels
During war and in peacetime, the supply chain is one of the most critical elements of a military operation. Consider the number of U.S. forces currently deployed overseas. If needed supplies are not furnished consistently, lives are put at risk. That's why U.S. Navy Military Sealift Command (MSC) took no chances in the design of their new T-AKE vessels. In fact, the proven reliability of Thordon COMPAC water lubricated propeller shaft bearings was written directly into the specifications. <MORE>

Thordon honored for innovative technology that meets rigorous environmental claims
Early in April, at the GLOBE 2004 Business and the Environment Symposium in Vancouver, Canada, Thordon Bearings Inc. a Canadian company manufacturing oil free stern tube bearing systems, was one of several companies awarded Environment Canada's Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) certificate. "ETV promotes the credibility of Canada's environmental industry internationally and I commend these companies for their innovative efforts," says David Anderson, Federal Minister of the Environment, who presented the Certificates. <MORE>

Thordon SXL guide bearing eliminates risk at the Star Lake Generating Station
Reliability was an important factor in the Star Lake Hydro Partnership's decision to replace the Star Lake Generating Station's turbine guide bearing. As manager of the Star Lake Generating Station in southwestern Newfoundland, Canada, Robert Conlon wanted to replace a water-lubricated, hydrostatic turbine guide bearing in a vertical Francis unit that required a complex high pressure filtered water supply. Concerns were alleviated when the hydrostatic metal bearing was replaced with a water-lubricated, Thordon SXL turbine guide bearing operating in hydrodynamic conditions. <MORE>
Thordon GM2401 shows no visible signs of wear in dirty water pump application
When the engineers at Peach Bottom Atomic Station (Pennsylvania, USA) needed to improve the facility's river water circulation system, they were faced with two options: a costly upgrade of the water filtration system by installing new corrosion-free piping to protect the current bearings; or, a much less expensive upgrade of the Bingham pumps by replacing the bearings with Thordon GM2401. They choose the latter. Two years after installation, an inspection has revealed no visible signs of bearing wear, despite the dirty water conditions. <MORE>