Newsworks 2003.2

September 06, 2003

NewsWorks Online is Thordon's web-based newsletter specifically developed for users of oil-free and grease-free bearings in the Marine, Hydro-turbine, Industrial and Offshore industries. You will find application information from Thordon customers regarding their latest environmentally friendly Thordon bearing applications.

BP Goes Oil Free on Tanker Prop Shafts

Safer than safe. That sums up the design philosophy on four 185,000 DWT Alaskan-class tankers that will soon be carrying oil along the U.S. West Coast. Currently being built in San Diego, USA by National Steel and Shipbuilding Company (NASSCO), a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics, the BP Shipping-owned vessels feature the latest innovations in safe-ship design, including Thordon COMPAC water lubricated propeller shaft bearings. <MORE>

Composite a Key Component of the Most Advanced Dredger in World
Constructed at IHC shipyard in the Netherlands for Jan de Nul of Belgium, the 'J.F.J. de Nul' is the most advanced self-propelled cutter suction dredger ever built. Her 6,000kW cutter drive, 30% more powerful than cutters currently in use, is capable of dredging from a depth of 6.5 m to 35 m (21 ft. to 115 ft.). According to IHC, the vessel incorporates the latest advances into dredging systems, engineering, and materials technology including Thordon Composite cutterhead bearings. <MORE>
Another FPSO Turret System Built with High Performance Self-Lubricating SXL Bearings
'Farwah' - the latest floating production storage offshore (FPSO) platform on duty in the Mediterranean - is an exception to the norm in many ways. It was constructed in Europe, while most such vessels are built in the Far East. It was built from scratch, rather than via a ship conversion. And its turret system features the oil-free, high-performance advantages of Thordon SXL bearing pads. <MORE>
Extending Bearing Wear Life for Large Diameter Shafts in Russia
Recent success stories for Interplast, a joint venture company between Leningrad Metal Works (LMZ) and Thordon International, include solving serious main guide bearing problems with Thordon GM2401 and SXL at two large hydro power stations in Russia. <MORE>
Low Wear on Thordon Tank Rollers at Florida Sewage & Wastewater Treatment Plant
During the summer, temperature and UV (ultra violet) radiation in Southern Florida can be higher than anywhere else in North America. So any equipment operating under the south Floridian sun must be able to, euphemistically, "take the heat". That's why the engineers at a large South Florida Sewage & Wastewater Treatment Plant were reluctant to switch to Thordon SXL Tank Rollers until the product was thoroughly tested in their climate and on their tanks. <MORE>