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Pump Bearings

Vertical pump illustration showing where Thordon bearings can be installedThordon Bearings designs and manufactures a complete line of grease and oil-free vertical pump bearings. Thordon produces several water or medium lubricated bearing grades which offer specific operating advantages in any pump bearing application. Thordon XL is for water-lubricated applications with limited dry running.  Thordon SXL is the preferred choice for dry start-up operation, with the lowest coefficient of friction, and excellent wear life and abrasion resistance.  Thordon Composite bearings are specially formulated to provide outstanding wear life in abrasive operating conditions. ThorPlas-Blue pump bearings can be used for dry start ups, in temperatures up to 80°C (176°F)  and offer improved chemical resistance versus other Thordon grades.ThorPlas-White was specifically developed to operate in drinking water applications it has NSF/ANSI 51, 61 and WRAS approval.

For the Thordon grade that best suits your operating environment, please review the Material Selection Guide for Pump Bearing Applications.