• Thumbnails 320x160_0008_The Unbreakable Lightness of Bearing

    The Unbreakable Lightness of Bearing

    Oct 07, 2015
    COMPAC propeller shaft bearings just do not break. That is the conclusion from Carl, a Thordon Bearings’ service engineer who has devoted considerable time and energy attempting to smash one to pieces.
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  • Thumbnails 320x160_0043_20+ Year COMPAC Wear in Canadian Navy Frigates copy

    20+ Year COMPAC Wear in Canadian Navy Frigates

    Oct 05, 2015
    The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) is no stranger when it comes to using Thordon COMPAC propeller shaft bearings in its vessels. Over two decades ago in May 1992, the RCN (then known as the Canadian Navy) back-fit its lead frigate, HMCS Halifax, with Thordon COMPAC. The first of 12 new patrol frigates, the RCN selected Halifax as the exemplary ship to set a precedent for her sister ships and represented what the RCN then deemed to be ìthe most advanced warship in the world.
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  • Thumbnails 320x160_0024_New Class Rules Has Sounded The Death Bell For Oil-Lubricated Propeller Shafts, Says Thordon Bea

    Seawater-Lubricated Shaft Withdrawals Extended as Class Changes Rules in line with Advanced Technology

    Oct 02, 2015
    Classification societies are changing their monitoring rules for seawater-lubricated propeller shafts in line with the rules governing the inspection and withdrawal of oil-lubricated stern tube systems.
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  • Thumbnails 320x160_0062_Thordon Bearings to Open Environmental Management Session at LISW

    Thordon Bearings to Open Environmental Management Session at LISW

    Aug 17, 2015
    Shipping folk attending this year’s London International Shipping Week (LISW) will be able to listen to Thordon explain why seawater-based propeller shaft lubricants are the most cost effective way of complying with environmental regulations.
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  • Thumbnails 320x160_0041_COMPAC ordered for uber-clean coasters

    COMPAC ordered for uber-clean coasters

    Aug 16, 2015
    Thordon Bearings' Swedish distributor Duwel Sweden has signed a contract with Caterpillar Propulsion for the supply and installation of COMPAC seawater-lubricated propeller shaft bearing systems to the two general cargo ships that Dutch shipyard Royal Bodewes is building for Finland’s Meriaura Group.
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  • Thumbnails 320x160_0033_Greenland Cement Thordon's Environmentally Safe Future   Part 2

    Thordon Bearings' COMPAC to Keep Seaside Clean

    Jul 16, 2015
    MSC Cruises has specified Thordon Bearings’ COMPAC water-lubricated propeller shaft system for the first of two (plus option) Seaside-class cruise ships currently under construction at Fincantieri’s Monfalcone The 154,000grt twin-screw vessel, the largest cruise ship ever to be built by the Italian yard, will be equipped with six COMPAC bearings in bronze carriers with tapered keysets to fit 664mm shaft diameters.
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