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How Thordon is Protecting Our Oceans


Volume of oil discharges prevented (Litres)


Volume of oil discharges prevented (US Gallons)

Ships that use Thordon seawater lubricated propeller shaft bearings eliminate the use of oil with zero risk of discharges entering our oceans and seas.  Join the wave and learn more about how ship owners can eliminate oil from their stern tubes and lower operating costs.  



About Thordon Bearings Inc.

Thordon Bearings designs and manufactures a complete range of high performance, non-metallic journal bearing solutions for marine, pump, hydro-turbine, offshore oil and other industrial markets. From water lubricated stern tube and rudder bearings for ships to grease free wicket gate bearings for clean power generation, we provide innovative non polluting bearing solutions that meet or exceed the technical requirements of your application.

Since the first Thordon bearing was developed in 1966, Thordon has continuously improved its high performance polymer technologies and bearing designs to become the world leader in elastomeric bearing technology. Our applications engineering and global technical support teams can support your most unique bearing technical


Thordon engineered polymer bearing solutions can:

  • Provide long bearing wear life
  • Eliminate oil or grease
  • Operate in dirty, abrasive environments
  • Withstand high shock loads and edge loading

With Thordon bearings specified all around the world, an extensive distribution network has been established in over 80 countries. Thordon Technical Services department and factory trained distributors and agents can provide you with assistance, product and installation support.



Thordon Bearing Users Unaffected by VGP Regulations

(December 19, 2013) It’s just another day for Thordon bearing users as their decision to use seawater lubricated propeller shaft bearings has ensured compliance in their oil to sea interfaces with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new Vessel General Permit (VGP) regulations which came into effect today. 


Thordon prThordon COMPAC bearing with single key designopeller shaft bearings use the ultimate environmentally acceptable lubricant (EAL) - seawater.

Join the thousands of Thordon users unaffected by the ever-changing regulations on environmentally acceptable lubricants and make the switch to seawater lubricated bearings on board your vessel today!

And Thordon rudder bearings also eliminate the use of grease, another requirement of the VGP.



Video Highlights Conversion of a Main Guide Bearing from Oil to Water

Traditional hydro-turbines use an oil lubricated main guide bearing that can pose a risk of oil leaking down the shaft past the packing gland and contaminating the turbine’s discharge or tailwater. Many hydro-turbine operators have converted their lower main guide bearing so that it is now lubricated with the same water the turbine runs on and eliminates the oil discharges into the river. It also brings operational and maintenance advantages over the original oil system. Providing water as an alternative to oil lubrication is a long standing area of expertise for . . . to read the full article or to check out the video click here.

View video of oil to water conversion of a main guide bearing here



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