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Dredge Bearings

Thordon Composite has been consistently outperforming rubber in dredge cutterhead bearing applications since it was introduced in the 1970's. Composite bearing wear rates in dirty abrasive conditions are typically half that of rubber bearings reducing maintenance downtime over the life of the vessel. Thordon also supplies grease free ladder trunnion and drive shaft bearings for dredge vessels.

• Proven bearing wear life - lasting twice as long as rubber
• Reduced maintenance down time
• Water lubricated - no grease
• Easy installationThordon Composite bearing freeze-fit installation on J.F.J. de Nul cutterhead drive shaft

Thordon Composite is a two component bearing formulated specifically for use in very abrasive environments such as water lubricated cutterhead shafts. The actual bearing surface is a black material and is referred to as GM2401. This softer material is fused to a yellow, stiff, high strength polymer sleeve. GM2401 is homogeneous - there are no layers of differing materials and properties are consistent through the wall thickness.

Composite bearings are available in a full range of sizes in both tube and stave configurations.