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This page contain Thordon's Offshore Applications reference lists.

Another FPSO Turret System Built with High Performance Self-Lubricating SXL Bearings
'Farwah' - the latest floating production storage offshore (FPSO) platform on duty in the Mediterranean - is an exception to the norm in many ways. It was constructed in Europe, while most such vessels are built in the Far East. It was built from scratch, rather than via a ship conversion. And its turret system features the oil-free, high-performance advantages of Thordon SXL bearing pads. <MORE>

Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessels are the toughest tugs in the sea. These hardy ships perform the challenging job of towing oil platforms to location and anchoring them into position. Often working dozens of miles offshore, the consequences of a propeller shaft or stern roller failure can be dire. Reliability is a must. That's why Bender Shipbuilding selected Thordon bearings for the new AHTS's they are currently constructing.<MORE>

Thordon Prop Shaft Bearings Still Doing the Job in Former CIA Research Vessel

Many ships have interesting histories. But none as intriguing at that of the 'Glomar Explorer'. With a past that includes top secret operations for the CIA, the vessel was once involved in the recovery of a sunken Soviet submarine. The clandestine "cover story" at the time was that the ship was a commercial vessel owned by none other than Howard Hughes. A real-life story of Hollywood proportions. <MORE>



ASENAV of Chile Orders Thordon for Large AHTS Stern Rollers

Since its inception in 1973, Chilean shipbuilder ASENAVE has rapidly established itself as one of the most reliable and technologically advanced in South America. A recent order to build two large MOSS 929-design Anchor Handling, Towing and Supply (AHTS) vessels for AP Moller - Maersk Group led them to Roberto Garcia, Thordon Area Sales Manager for South America. "Ultimately," says Roberto "We were able to provide ASENAV with a solution for their twin 685 tonne capacity stern rollers including Thordon SXL bearings and thrust washers and Thorseal U-cup seals." <MORE>