Interested_in_a_clean_tech_career_imageInterested to work for a company that is a pioneer in Clean Technologies? Share the same Environmental Awareness, caring about combating pollution in our waters and air?
You can play a part in the development of our newest non-metallic bearing materials as an Intern in Thordon’s New Product Development department.
Please check the Project Description below, and the attached Job Description, then click on the link to register as and Intern for the Clean Tech Internship program at CICan:
Project Description

Thordon Bearings Inc (TBI) is working on a project to characterize the material properties of four (4) polymer composite materials as candidates for the use in aircraft landing gears to replace bronze bushings. Because landing gear bushings experience high cyclic loads, such as the weight of the aircraft, gear extension/retraction and impact upon landing, it is necessary to determine the typical mechanical and physical properties for these materials by running comparative tests including: tensile, compression, hardness, etc… In addition, identifying the material’s compatibility with typical hydraulic fluids and the specific behaviour of each material when submerged in these fluids will be done by running short and long term immersion tests. Finally, we’ll have to determine the typical failure modes of the polymer bushing material, identifying the mechanisms that may trigger failure by running functional friction and wear tests.

Interested_in_a_clean_tech_career_internship_program_participating_employee_logoWe envision for the intern to perform these activities during the 6-month internship, at the end allowing for TBI to select the best material for the application, and maybe suggesting ways to improve the material formulation.
The project could be expanded to cover future goals like the development of an experimental life cycle testing method for polymer landing gear bushings which can mimic the cyclic loads found from typical landing gear operations. The significance of these experiments may possibly provide conclusive results based on which TBI/MBA could immediately pursue manufacturing of replacement bushings for retrofitting existing landing gears for general aviation aircraft, with the opportunity to develop new parts for OEM manufactures of commercial and military aircraft landing gears in the near future.

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