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Our Products: Pollution Free

We supply bearings that use water to lubricate the bearings in marine, power generation and industrial applications, where many other bearings still use oil and grease to lubricate the bearings. If you use Thordon journal bearings, you will reduce your environmental impact, eliminating any risk of criminal, civil and administrative penalties and other adverse reactions such as bad public relations that may occur from oil or grease leaking into rivers, lakes or seas. For further articles and information regarding oil or grease pollution, in particular stern tube oil pollution , please click the Documents icon above.

Our Factory

In 2001, an Environmental Committee was established at Thordon to research, discuss and implement environmentally friendly waste management practices. Since that time, there have been many new waste management initiatives at Thordon including recycling cardboard and paper, changing to more efficient lighting and wooden pallet recycling. In 2009, we have improved our manufacturing processes to reduce the water usage and are now recycling all water used in our bearing production.