While the concept of “innovation” may have several different definitions, at Thordon it could be very simply defined as using creativity to add value in everything we do.  This concept of added value through innovation is demonstrated in every aspect of our business from processes geared to create better products and engineering solutions, to providing our customers with excellent services worldwide to our contributions to the well being and advancement of our community –Thordon Bearings passion for innovation is reflected on its People, Processes & Technologies.

With feedback from our Sales and Distribution network around the world, we respond to customers’ needs to provide innovative bearing system design and solutions in an effective and prompt manner. New ideas are evaluated in multifunctional groups and they are brought to our New Product Development team, consisting of Mechanical and Polymer Scientists, who continually evaluate new polymer materials, products and application designs.

Marine bearing test rig machineRigorous testing, both in the laboratory and in the field, not only helps identify design refinements, but ensures quality and performance after full market launch. A number of Thordon products that have been developed and introduced in the past several years include Thor-Coat Shaft Coating, ThorPlas Thermoplastic bearings, RiverTough propeller shaft bearings, Thorseal rudder stock seals and SXL radial and axial segmented shaft seals.
New products currently in the later stages of development include a non-metallic bearing carrier, forward mechanical shaft seals and a new elastomeric bearing capable of higher operating temperatures.