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Shaft Seals

TG100 Propeller Shaft Seal
Shaft Seal for Abrasive Water Conditions

Thordon TG100 propeller shaft sealThe Thordon TG100 is a new mechanical seal designed specifically for 100mm (4") to 305mm (12") shaft vessels operating in either clean or abrasive-laden waters including tugs, landing crafts, patrol vessels, police vessels, supply vessels as well as Navy, Coast Guard and Government vessels.

Manufactured to the same exacting standards as our high performing range of Thordon Bearings, the TG100 seals use the highest quality, hard wearing silicon carbide faces and our proprietary elastomeric polymers to offer the best combination of strength/stiffness and flexibility/elasticity.

TG100 Propeller Shaft Seal:

  • Manufactured for long wear life and reduced maintenance costs
  • Elastomeric bellows accept axial/radial shaft movement and compensate for alignment issues
  • Unique emergency seal allows stand-alone operation to get you back to port without damaging the seal
  • Wedge "lock" design ensures the rotary face is perfectly square with the shaft
  • Hydraulically balanced to accommodate various drafts
  • Unlimited shelf life on elastomers
  • Single supplier for bearings and seals

The TG100 Shaft Seals are manufactured to last and are designed for use in newbuild construction and retrofits.

New Patented Designed Emergency Seal 
A unique feature of the TG100 is the emergency seal that allows stand-alone operation. This not only ensures that you safely return to port but helps prevent permanent seal damage.

Maintenance-free Shaft Seals
The TG100 should require no periodic maintenance. A well maintained seal should require no parts within a 5-year drydock interval, however an additional "water port" allows for cleaning/flushing of dirt and abrasives deposited in the bellows over time.