Globally proven, made in Canada

October 31, 2011

With the recent National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy announcement of the awarding of large ship packages worth $33 Billion(yes – with a B) to Canada’s Irving  Shipbuilding on the East coast and Seaspan Marine Corp. on the West coast, this is great news for the Canadian shipbuilding and marine industry.  The packages are for both combative and non-combative ships for the Canadian Navy and Canadian Coast Guard that are essential to sustaining Canada's sovereignty and prosperity by safeguarding international trade, as well as enforcing Canadian law - Canada does have the longest coastline in the world. 

The shipyards were chosen by independent, third party experts with no political interference. From all accounts the process was fair and they picked the best for the 28 new vessels.  When it comes to marine bearings, we also hope they choose the best bearings in the world… like choosing ones that are currently used and shown proven performance by over 40 Navies and Coast Guards globally.  And if it’s made in Canada,  well that’s just a bonus.

Craig Carter, Canada



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