Why settle for oil-based lubricants on your ship?

March 28, 2012

I have just read another article providing decent information on the Vessel Discharge Evaluation and Review Act in the U.S. (http://www.marinelink.com/news/regulations-lubricant343352.aspx).  Like many articles published today, it is written by someone within the lubricant industry.  As it relates to the VGP, these oil-based lubricants ARE pollutants, so I would just like to remind you that there are alternatives to using these pollutants.  Seawater lubricated stern tube bearings are in use, as well as grease free rudders and deck equipment bearings. You don't need to report seawater to the Coast Guard.  And if you're not greasing rudder bearings or deck equipment, there is also nothing to report. Many ship owners are doing this, so don't be fooled by thinking you have to use an oil based lubricant, as this article suggests. 

Craig Carter, Canada


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