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Other Hydro Applications

More than 40 years ago, we launched Thordon, an elastomeric polymer alloy that combines strength/stiffness with high toughness and abrasion resistance. This combination results in a line of bearing products that are capable of carrying the operating loads found in this demanding application yet are flexible enough to resist wear due to 3rd particle abrasion.

The unique polymer structure is fully homogeneous so all the properties – abrasion resistance, self-lubrication, low coefficient of friction, resistance to vibration and shock loading – are consistent throughout the entire bearing wall thickness. We continue to innovate for the hydro-electric industry and offer different bearing grades and configurations to meet the demanding needs of your applications.
Thordon offers oil and grease free bearing for all your hydro application including:
  • Operating Ring Wear Pads Alabama Electric installed ThorPlas runner blade trunnion bushings for their Kaplan turbine
  • Servo-Motor and Servo-Link Bearings
  • Wicket Gate Thrust Bearings
  • Butterfly Valve Seals and Trunnion Bearings
  • Screen Bearings and Wear Pads
  • Pump Bearings
  • Control Gate Bearings
  • Wicket Gate and Operating Mechanism Seals
  • Hydraulic Seals
  • Kaplan Turbine Runner Blade Stem Seals
  • Kaplan Blade Bushings
  • Head Gate Bearing Rollers
  • Thrust Cap Washers
Thordon benefits to suit your application:
  • Long Wear Life
  • Low Friction/No “Stick-Slip”
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • Sizing Flexibility – Easily Machined On site
  • Pollution Free Operation – Wet or Dry
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Hardened Journals Not Required
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • High resistance to shock loading and vibration
  • High pressure performance to 70MPa (10,000 psi)
Thordon Bearings can help you cut maintenance costs, reduce downtime and get longer, more reliable bearings. This lowers the life-cycle costs for your core bearing needs.