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This page contains references for other industrial Thordon applications.

In the masonry block manufacturing industry, time is, quite literally, money. When a machine goes down for maintenance, each second that ticks by is like a dollar sign eating away at the bottom line. In fact, it's not uncommon for downtime costs per hour to be well into the four digits. So when Techo-Bloc replaced bronze bushings with Thordon SXL - and, subsequently, increased uptime by more than 90% - the Company couldn't have been more delighted. <MORE>

Replacing Wastewater Treatment Grit Tank Bearings with Thordon SXL Saves Customer $$$
Fields Point Wastewater Treatment Facilty was replacing greased iron Peak Cap End Bearings two times each year in the grit tanks due to excessive bearing wear running against a steel shaft. After converting to non-metallic Thordon SXL bearings, the customer has seen a tremendous return on investment in this application. <MORE>

 ThorPlas Eliminates Grease and Extends MTBF in Extreme-duty Industrial Applications
Like most managing professionals involved in an industrial process, Peter Krufehinski is dedicated to improving productivity while reducing costs. As VP of Operations for Berman Brothers Scrap Metal, "I'm willing to experiment," says Krufehinsk. "In fact, I'll try just about anything to boost efficiency." "We've tried just about every bearing material imaginable," says Krufehinski. "Steel, brass, nylon, you name it." The problem was that these bearings needed to be greased on a regular basis, or they would rapidly fail. <MORE>