Marine Newsworks 2016

June 22, 2016
NEWSWORKS Marine Online is Thordon's web-based newsletter specifically developed for marine users of oil-free and grease-free bearings.This newsletter includes feature articles about changes to environmental regulations and awards, as well as successful installs of seawater lubricated propeller shaft bearing systems and a tail shaft bearing system.
COMPAC Ordered For Largest Jones Act Containerships     
Thordon Bearings has signed a landmark contract to supply COMPAC seawater-lubricated propeller shaft bearing solutions to two Jones Act containerships under construction at the Aker Philadelphia Shipyard Inc, (APSI) for Matson Navigation Company, Inc., U.S.A. <More>
20+ Year COMPAC Wear in Canadian Patrol Frigates 'Ready, Aye, Ready'
The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) is no stranger when it comes to using Thordon COMPAC propeller shaft bearings in its vessels. Over two decades ago in May 1992, the RCN back-fit its lead frigate, HMCS Halifax with Thordon COMPAC. HMCS Halifax set a precendent for its 11 sister ships. <More>                                                                                        
Water, Water Everywhere
Exorbitantly priced propeller shaft bio-lubricants may have been accepted by authorities such as the U.S. EPA, but seawater can do the job for a fraction of the lifetime costs, argues Thordon Bearings. <More>
COSCO Places Significant Amount of Orders for COMPAC Bearing Systems
China's COSCO has returned to Thordon Bearings with orders for 17 seawater-lubricated COMPAC Propeller Shaft Bearing Systems, making COSCO the Canadian company's largest shipowner user to-date. <More>                                                                                                 
No Wear For RiverTough After More Than 20,000 Hours In Abrasive Alaskan Waters
After 9 years of operation in harsh, abrasive waters of Alaska's Yukon River, aboard Inland Barge Service's push boat Ramona, Thordon Bearings' RiverTough water-lubricated tail-shaft bearing system has emerged completely free of wear and tear. <More>
COMPAC Wins Top Environmental Award
COMPAC, Thordon Bearings' seawater lubricated propeller shaft bearing system, won the prestigious Tanker Shipping & Trade Environment Award in November 2015 following a verdict that the sustem allows shipowners to cost-effectively comply with stringent marine pollution rules. <More>