High Performance
Polymer Bearing

Thordon’s polymer bearing solutions reduce operating costs,
provide long wear life, eliminate oil and grease,
and endure abrasive conditions.


Lower Operating Costs

Thordon’s oil and grease-free polymer bearings and seals require minimal maintenance. Both time and money are saved with less downtime than competitive materials.

complete engineered system solutions
Complete Engineered
System Solutions

Zero Pollution Risk

Oil and grease discharges to the environment are eliminated when using our bearings. Our products currently meet and exceed all environmental regulations.

Eliminate Purchases of Oil, Grease, and EALs

Thordon bearings are lubricated with water or operate dry so you eliminate the costs of purchasing, storing and disposing of oil, grease, and EALs.


Better than Metal

The simplicity and durability of our polymer bearing designs and systems provide a superior alternative to oil or grease lubricated metal bearings.

Long Wear Life

Our polymer bearings, seals and systems have been designed for long life operation with minimal spare parts and maintenance required.

Your industry, Your application

We design a complete range of non-polluting bearing and seal solutions for the global marine, hydro power, pump, and industrial markets. Our engineering and technical service teams along with our global distributor network will work with you from design to install to guarantee that your needs are met.


Propeller Shaft Bearings & Systems, Rudder Bearings, Deck Equipment Bearings, Shaft Seals, as well as Dredging and Offshore Bearing Applications

Hydro Power

Turbine Guide Bearings, Wicket Gate / Linkage / Operating Ring Bearings, Shaft Seal Solutions, Bearing and Shaft Seal Water Conditioning Systems, Bearings for Wave / Tidal and River Power

Vertical Pumps

Bearings for Open and Closed Tube Vertical Pumps


Bearing and seal applications for Transportation, Forestry, Pulp & Paper, Material Handling, Sewage and Wastewater and Lock and Gates


Thordon Bearings has an extensive distribution network to supply our global customers. More than 75 distributors in 90 countries carry extensive inventory of Thordon’s common bearings. Non-standard requests are met with responsive design, quick machining and speedy delivery.

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