Sewage and Wastewater Bearings

Sewage and wastewater can be a tough environment for bushings, to say the least. Traditional bushings that continuously operate in these dirty, abrasive laden liquid conditions, will often see premature wear leading to a short bearing life. This is not the case with Thordon bearings. As an ideal replacement for greased iron, greased bronze and phenolic bushings, as well as roller bearings, Thordon grease free bushings can be found in a number of applications including pumps, conveyors, screens, drums, flocculators, aerators and grit tanks. Thordon sewage and wastewater bearing grades were specifically developed and engineered to improve the reliability and performance of equipment operating in these harsh conditions. An improvement in bearing performance can significantly reduce maintenance costs and related down time compared to traditional bearing solutions.

Use the Material Selection Guide below to determine which Thordon bearing grade is best for your application.

  • Eliminate grease & associated maintenance costs
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Improved vibration/shock absorption
  • Easily machining and installation


ThorPlas-Blue Thumbnail - 320 x 190

Thordon ThorPlas-Blue is a homogeneous lifetime lubricated material developed by Thordon specifically as a full form high pressure bearing.

Thordon SXL

Thumbnails 320x190_0005_SXL

Thordon SXL has excellent dry start capability and a low coefficient of friction for long bearing wear life.

Composite (GM2401)

Thumbnails 320x190_0007_Composite

Thordon Composite (yellow shell, black wear surface is GM2401) is a two-component bearing formulated specifically for use in very abrasive environments. Composite is stiffer and has at least twice the abrasion resistance of rubber.


Thumbnails 320x190_0006_PT80

Thordon PT80 has excellent mechanical property retention with high operating temperature limits of 80°C (176°F). Wear characteristics include high abrasion resistance and a low coefficient of friction.

Thordon Regular

Thordon Regular Thumbnail - 320 x 190

Thordon Regular is designed for higher pressure applications...


Thor-Flex Thumbnail - 320 x 190

Thor-Flex offers a wide range of materials from standard rods, tubes and sheets to engineered bridge pad elements, performance automotive bushings, abrasive resistant liners and much more.


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The final (fully finished) sizing of a Thordon elastomer or ThorPlas bearing can be determined by using the Thordon Bearing Sizing Calculation Program.

To download the Thordon Bearing Sizing Calculation Program Version 2017, Release 10, a user registration is required.

Request Bearing Sizing Program User Registration Number

Download Bearing Sizing Calculation Program (2.2 MB) Version 2017, Release 10

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