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TG100 Shaft Seal

The TG100 mechanical face seal is a high performance, low maintenance seal that is simple to install. You will save money by reducing your downtime with this robust seal solution.

  • No expensive maintenance overhaul
  • Emergency seal offers safe return to port capability
  • No wear on the shaft or liner
  • No spare parts required
  • Large stock availability at our two strategically located US Warehouses for fast delivery

Keeping Your Crew Safe

Emergency Seal
A unique feature of the TG100 is the emergency seal allows your vessel to return safely to the nearest port if your primary seal is ever damaged. The TG100 emergency seal has recently prevented two workboats from sinking as shown in the articles below:

  • ThordonNews-TG100A-thumb

    Thordon Emergency Seal Prevents Another Workboat from Sinking

    Mar 31, 2020
    The safe-return-to-port function of Thordon Bearings’ TG100 emergency shaft seal has once again prevented a vessel from sinking following a catastrophic shaft failure. The crew of the MM Transportation-operated Jennifer S, a 17m (56ft) long workboat operating on the Ohio River, near Rockport, Indiana, activated Thordon’s secondary inflatable emergency seal when the tailshaft was pulled out of the coupling damaging the TG100’s primary aft shaft seal.
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  • News-Thumbnails-320x160_TG100

    Thordon's Emergency Inflatable Seal System Prevents Sinking After Catastrophic Shaft Failure

    Jul 09, 2019
    Activation of Thordon Bearings’ revolutionary inflatable emergency seal prevented a 70ft (21m) long workboat from certain sinking in February, following multiple shaft failures that damaged the vessel’s primary shaft seal.
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See the TG100 in Action

Why Ship Owners are Choosing TG100

  • News-Thumbnails-320x160_Hadi

    Thordon Seal Retrofit Keeps Hadi 37 On-Hire

    Jan 07, 2020
    Capital expenditure is always a key consideration during the system procurement process but when low cost components result in an increase in unbudgeted operational costs, then any savings quickly diminish. That was the experience of Saudi Arabia-based ship operator Hadi Hamad Al-Hammam when the original shaft seals fitted to Hadi 37, a 2013-built twin-screw offshore tug supply vessel (OTSV), began to leak and vibrate, resulting in regular visits to drydock for costly repairs.
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  • ThordonNews-TG10035years-thumb

    Thordon Systems Reduce Planned Maintenance Schedules for Offshore Vessel Operator

    Oct 01, 2019
    Canadian company Thordon Bearings has notched up another success story for a customer in the demanding offshore sector, with a bearing and seal installation in “perfect condition” after over three years of operation.
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  • News-Thumbnails-320x160_TG100install

    New Thordon Video Makes TG100 Seal Installation a Breeze

    Aug 12, 2019
    Thordon Bearings has updated its TG100 seal installation requirements to facilitate cost-effective installation at all shipyards with the release of new instructional videos. Shipyard staff can quickly and easily install the state-of-the-art seal themselves, reducing the overall costs of TG100 procurement.
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  • Comandante

    Navenor's Bearing Problems Solved with Thordon Retrofits

    Dec 03, 2018
    Thordon Bearings has completed a range of water-lubricated and grease-free bearing installations to a third salt lugger in the Salinor/Navenor fleet, following the successful retrofitting of bearings to problematic newbuilds. The salt carrier Nossa Sra. das Das Vitorias was retrofitted with Thordon’s SXL propeller shaft bearings after just three weeks of operation, while sistership Dona Zita was retrofitted with RiverTough shaft bearings and hardened steel liners in 2016.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I break one of the primary seals, do I have to dry dock the boat and remove the shaft?

  2. How often do I need to rebuild the TG100?

  3. If I have to energize the emergency seal, do I need to “lock down” the shaft to keep it from turning?

  4. Will the TG100 lose compression due to the “clamp” moving forward?

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