NEW Thordon’s Turbine Guide Bearing and Seal Assembly Video

NEW Thordon’s Turbine Guide Bearing and Seal Assembly Video

Discover breakthrough turbine guide bearing technology developed specifically for high performance and longevity in clean power generation applications. Thordon’s oil and grease-free hydro bearing systems are designed for easy installation to reduce downtime and maintenance expenses.

Thordon turbine guide bearings with tapered key design offers:

  • Reduced bearing renewal time – from days to hours
  • Time and money savings from not having to re-babbitt
  • No complicated oil or grease system requirements
  • Ease of access and maintenance – shaft seal can be positioned above guide bearing
The new Thordon SXL Turbine Guide Bearing with Tapered Keyset and SXL Radial Shaft Seal video illustrates how conversions or new projects can relocate the SXL radial segmented shaft seal above the water lubricated guide bearing which is secured in place with a tapered key - allowing installation and removal without disassembly of the major structural components. This results in reduced downtime associated with bearing inspections from days to hours.

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