Thorseals are made of a Thordon proprietary elastomer with no shelf life or degradation of properties over time. They are customized seals to be made for your specific application.

They are used in hard-to-reach wicket gate bearings to prevent contamination by abrasive laden waters or to seal water from entering the plant. They can also be integrated into ThorPlas-Blue bearing designs for easy one-piece installation.

In hydraulic/pneumatic applications, high performance, tough Thorseal self-lubricating polymer lip seals offer positive sealing up to 100 MPa (15,000 psi). Thorseals provide long wear life with no need for periodic adjustments; resist tearing and extrusion; and as a result of their internal lubricants, operate with less drag and reduced cylinder wear. 

Thorseal applications include: Wicket Gate Seals, Kaplan Hub, Servo Motors, Turbine Brake Seals (Cup or Lip style), and to replace rubber or fabric chevron or v-packing sets.

WR1 Middle Bushings 001

  • Keep abrasives from bearing surfaces
  • Sealed Pressures from 0 -100 MPa (0 -15,000 psi)
  • Tough - won’t cut or tear
  • Low friction – self-lubricating and suitable for use in oil or water
  • Single & stacked for limited motion & reciprocating linear applications
  • Can be custom designed to solve difficult sealing solutions
Thorseals are not only available in a wide range of standard sizes, but can also be quickly machined to custom size requirements up to 1.5 m (60”) in diameter. With over 40 years of experience designing and optimizing sealing applications Thorseal is the right material for your application.

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