Thorshield was specifically developed to complement Thordon's COMPAC seawater lubricated propeller shaft bearing system by providing corrosion protection to metal components allowing extended shaft withdrawal.   It has been formulated for optimal adhesion, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and tolerance for bending and torsional stresses.
The system offers complete protection against marine corrosion, and it is crack resistant at below-freezing temperatures.  The design reduces the occurrence of defects at the shaft/liner interface by acting as a physical barrier against air or solvents that may be trapped under the liner.
The fiberglass/epoxy-based shaft coatings commonly used today are quite brittle and not sufficiently flexible to withstand long term shaft flexure resulting from bending and torsional stresses that occur during operation. This failure usually occurs initially at the joint between the coating and shaft liner. Once the coating cracks, seawater often migrates along the shaft resulting in significant non-visible corrosion. This is a major concern with open system propeller shafts and one that is alleviated with the use of ThorShield.   
Should ThorShield suffer impact damage, it tends to fail locally resulting in some of the coating remaining on the shaft continuing to offer corrosion protection. If the coating is damaged to the point where corrosion does occur, the corrosion is limited to the damaged area only and will not migrate along the shaft under the coating to unexposed areas. Localized damage can be easily repaired if necessary.
Thordon currently has Class Type Approvals from DNV-GL, BV, LR, ABS and CCS.


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