BlueWater Seal

Sealing Efficiency for Water Lubricated Propeller Shafts

The Thordon BlueWater Seal is a water lubricated forward seal with a Safe Return to Port (SRTP) emergency seal for 300mm (11.811”) to 1000mm (39.370”) propeller shafts. The BlueWater Seal is manufactured to the same exacting standards as Thordon’s TG100 and SeaThigor seals incorporating an economical solution with reliable performance.

The sealing faces of the BlueWater Seal consist of a high strength, abrasive resistant main sealing ring mated with a stainless steel face. The unique design features on the sealing face promote a hydrodynamic lubricating film while keeping water leakage to a minimum.

During operation, the water film remains consistent between sealing faces eliminating dry-running conditions. The BlueWater Seal at first glance looks much like other axial lip face seals that have been on the market for several years. There is a fundamental difference however. The RENFORM main sealing ring employs a unique design feature which permits the face to operate with less friction and without the friction spikes as we discovered when evaluating competitive seals on our full scale test rig. In practical terms, this means that the Thordon BlueWater Seal with its proprietary RENFORM sealing ring is better suited to variable draft and deeper draft vessel conditions. The other BlueWater Seal components will last the life of the vessel. Due to the simplicity of the seal design, seal maintenance is minimal. The seal also includes the built-in Safe Return to Port benefit that allows the vessel to return safely to the nearest port if the primary seal is damaged.


  • 'Safe Return to Port' emergency seal
  • RENFORM sealing ring is better suited to variable draft and deeper draft vessel conditions compared to other seals in the market
  • Face contact pressure promotes a more effective hydrodynamic lubrication which in turn increases the seal longevity
  • Has no limitation on axial shaft movement
  • Spare sealing ring on the shaft
  • Easy to install and operate


Thordon High Performance Seals

Ship owners and managers know Thordon products are the proven choice for performance and value. BlueWater Seals are manufactured to last and are designed for use in newbuild construction and retrofits.

Safe Return to Port (SRTP) Emergency Seal

The SRTP emergency seal allows you to return safely to the nearest port if your primary seal is ever damaged. When the emergency seal is engaged, the propeller shaft can be rotated and the vessel can proceed to a repair facility on its own power, at reduced speeds. The SRTP emergency seal is made from a Thordon proprietary polymer and never needs to be replaced.

The Open Seawater Lubricated Shaftline Solution

The BlueWater Seal is part of the complete COMPAC open seawater lubricated Propeller Shaft Bearing system that also includes COMPAC bearings, shaft liners, anti-corrosion shaft coating, a Thordon Water Quality Package and a Thordon Bearing Condition Monitoring System. An open seawater lubricated system is significantly less complex to install and operate than an oil lubricated system with a compressed air seal.


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    Orkim Takes to the Water with Five Product Tankers Fitted with COMPAC

    Jul 12, 2021
    China’s Fujian Southeast Shipyard has delivered four in a series of five new product tankers ordered by Malaysia’s Orkim Sdn Bhd. The 9000dwt Orkim Sapphire and Orkim Pearl, and 14,500dwt Orkim Diamond and Orkim Emerald represent the first vessels in the ship operator’s fleet to be fitted with a COMPAC seawater lubricated shafting system from Thordon Bearings.
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  • COSCO Vessel fitted with COMPAC bearings

    COSCO Confirms Thordon Seawater Lubrication for Eight Newbuild General Cargo Ships

    Jun 15, 2021
    COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers, a subsidiary of China Ocean Shipping Group (COSCO), COSCO Shipping Lines, has confirmed that the eight newbuild multipurpose cargo vessels entrusted to COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry (Dalian) Co. Ltd. will each feature a COMPAC seawater lubricated shaftline arrangement from Thordon Bearings. The scope of supply, to be rolled out in two four-ship batches scheduled for August 2021 and December 2022, includes COMPAC propeller shaft bearings, shaft liners, ThorShield shaft coating, and Thordon’s Water Quality Package.
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