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Thordon Bearings Announces Distributor Changes in Europe

Thordon Bearings Inc. of Canada is pleased to announce that Duwel Group will be the new, authorized Thordon distributor for Norway, United Kingdom, and Finland.  Duwel has been active in Sweden for over 22 years and is ready and capable to provide high quality sales and service support in these countries.

Duwel Group has established three companies to represent Thordon.  In Norway, Duwel Norway AS will replace Scanco; in the U.K., Duwel UK Ltd. will replace the AND Group; and in Finland, Marmex AB/Duwel Finland AB will continue operations there as part of the Duwel Group.  Websites for all companies can be found at www.duwelgroup.com

This strategic move transforms Duwel Group into the stocking distributor for the world’s largest manufacturer of non-metallic oil and grease free bearing systems.  Duwel will be offering Thordon Bearings products with the highest level of service and knowledge that they are acclaimed for in Sweden.