Selecting the Right Bearings to Improve Vertical Turbine Pump Reliability

Vertical Turbine Pumps (VTPs) are available in a variety of configurations and are used for a number of different applications such as flood control, cooling water, waste water, and drinking water supply. One of the biggest contributors to pump failures are issues involving the pump bearings. The type of water that lubricates the bearing as it is pumped varies considerably from application to application.

The amount of abrasives in the pumped water can vary significantly in different regions and abrasives in the water can drastically effect bearing life. It is critical to select the appropriate bearing material for application as bearing life is influenced by the media being pumped.

The VTP bearings found in the bowl and column assemblies are one of the most critical components of any pump. Bearings not only support the shaft; they also reduce friction on the pumps moving parts.

In Thordon’s new Whitepaper “Selecting the Right Bearings to Improve Vertical Turbine Pump Reliability” you will learn about the many different pump bearing materials on the market and how to select the best bearing material for your application.

Thordon Bearing Materials:
A More Reliable Solution for Vertical Turbine Pumps

Thordon offers a variety of grease-free material grades for use in Vertical Turbine Pumps. With over 40 years of experience supplying pump bearings, our experts can ensure that you have the best pump material for your specific application. All Thordon bearing grades are easy to machine with no nuisance dust, and quick to install.

Thordon Elastomers


Thordon SXL

  • Excellent dry start capability
    (dry coefficient of friction typically 0.10 - 0.20)
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Working pressure to 10 MPa
    (1450 psi)
  • High resistance to abrasion, shock loading and vibration

Composite (GM2401) 

  • One of the best bearing choices for highly abrasive media
  • Stiffer and at least twice the abrasion resistance of rubber
  • No “Stick-Slip” - Lower coefficient of friction than rubber 

Thordon XL

  • Long life with low dry coefficient of friction
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Optimum performance in clean water applications

Thordon Thermoplastics



  • Operates in water and chemicals up to 80°C (176°F) and 110°C (230°F) dry
  • Chemical resistance properties to most hydrocarbons, weak acids, and bases
  • Capable of design pressures up to 45 MPa (6527 psi)
  • Very low wear in non-abrasive environments


  • Ideal for Food Equipment, Drinking and Potable Water Applications
  • NSF/ANSI 51/61 and WRAS approval


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