Pumps and Industrial

Thordon ThorPlas-Blue bearings photo

With over 40 years experience supplying oil and grease free non-metallic bearings, sliding wear pads and structural elastomer components, Thordon Bearings can provide solutions that meet or exceed your expectations. 

Thordon journal bearings perform well in these operating conditions: abrasive, corrosive, high impact load, high humidity and infrequent maintenance periods

 The major difference between Thordon and other commonly used bearing materials is:
·         No oil or grease required
·        Thordon industrial bearings image Abrasive resistance
·         Self lubricating - dry start-up
·         Noise reduction
·         Allows better load distribution over the bearing surface
·         Thordon is less rigid - it can deflect slightly
·         Different grades for different applications/pressures
Thordon non-metallic bearings have been used in a wide range of industries and various applications such as in pumps, pivot points, screw conveyors, grapples, agitators, gate lock and dam and flocculator paddle wheels.