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This page contains reference information for Thordon pump bearings.

Making a case for non-metallic pump bearings
This article will discuss some of the issues associated with vertical pump bearings in general, and non-metallic bearings specifically. Non-metallic bearings may not be the best answer in every case but have been an excellent choice for a great many applications worldwide. <MORE>



Thordon SXL Approved for Deep Well Pumps in Arizona
Ensuring the water supply for residents of the driest desert in North America - the Sonora - isn't a task that Salt River Project (SRP) takes lightly. Through a system of reservoirs, canals, irrigation laterals and more than 250 deep wells, the organization delivers nearly 1.2 billion m3 (1 million acre-feet) of water to central Arizona; a vast area that includes Phoenix and other surrounding cities, plus a myriad of towns and rural villages. SRP decided to test water lubricated SXL pump bearings in their deep water wells instead of oil lubricated bearings. <MORE>

Thordon GM2401 shows no visible signs of wear in dirty water pump application
When the engineers at Peach Bottom Atomic Station (Pennsylvania, USA) needed to improve the facility's river water circulation system, they were faced with two options: a costly upgrade of the water filtration system by installing new corrosion-free piping to protect the current bearings; or, a much less expensive upgrade of the Bingham pumps by replacing the bearings with Thordon GM2401. They choose the latter. Two years after installation, an inspection has revealed no visible signs of bearing wear, despite the dirty water conditions. <MORE>


Bearings benefit from water not grease lubrication
A routine statutory shutdown at PetroSA’s offshore FA Platform in Mossel Bay, South Africa, gave the company the opportunity to replace the old rubber bearings in the vertical main seawater lift pumps with pump bearings lubricated with water not grease. <MORE>