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The Highest Quality Integrated Shaftline System in the World

Thordon Bearings Inc., Dominis Engineering Ltd. and Patriot Forge Co., three world-class, family-owned and operated manufacturing businesses in Ontario have joined forces as a consortium to deliver fully integrated and complete shaft line systems for Canada's most important vessels included in Canada's National Shipbuilding Strategy.

These global industry leaders, will provide the highest quality shaftline system to significantly improve operational performance, lower costs for Canada's Navy and Coast Guard and create sustainable jobs in the critically important Canadian manufacturing sector.

What We Do

A Complete, Made-in-Canada Solution for Navy & Coast Guard Surface and Undersea Vessels

The consortium is focused on supplying in-progress and future vessels included as part of the National Shipbuilding Strategy with its finished product, “the Canadian Integrated Shaftline System” (CISS). The CISS includes all of the necessary components needed for both large and small navy and coast guard vessels’ main shaftlines, using an entirely made-in-Canada solution including the propeller itself (Dominis Engineering Ltd.), the propeller shaft and couplings (Patriot Forge Co.), and the shaft bearings, coatings and bulkhead seals that provide efficient and environmentally sustainable operations of the shaftline (Thordon Bearings Inc.).

CISS Support

Support the Impact COVID-19 has on Canada’s Economy

The impact of COVID-19 on Canada’s economy has been far-reaching. Once the country pivots towards economic recovery, all efforts should be made to maintain the defence spending committed under Strong, Secure, Engaged and large procurement efforts as part of the National Shipbuilding Strategy.


Create Sustainable Jobs

At a time when domestic jobs and the resiliency of global supply chain solutions are being tested in extraordinary ways, the consortium provides an opportunity to generate and showcase a “sovereign” industrial capability that, if leveraged as part of the National Shipbuilding Strategy, would sustain hundreds of highly-skilled Canadian manufacturing jobs and create many more new full-time positions right here in Canada. The NSS committed in 2010 to “developing and maintaining expertise and creating sustainable employment across the country.” The NSS projects represent thousands of domestic jobs across the country, particularly through the manufacturing supply chain.

Made in Canada

Rebuild Canada’s Marine Industry with a Domestically Produced Solution

This consortium is in alignment with the principal tenets of the Government of Canada’s Shipbuilding Strategy, to “rebuild our marine industry and create sustainable jobs in Canada while ensuring our sovereignty and protecting our interests at home and abroad.” Currently, while parts of the shaft lines on Canadian Coast Guard and Navy vessels have been supplied domestically, never before has a complete, made-in-Canada shaft line system been made available.

CISS vessel
CISS vessel
CISS vessel


CISS is made up of three best-in-class Canadian manufacturing companies with a long track record of supplying parts to Canadian, American and global navies. 

High Performance Shaft Bearings and Seals by Thordon Bearings Inc.

  • The Canadian Navy has extensive experience with Thordon COMPAC bearings fitted to all Halifax Class Patrol frigates with proven wear life of 15-20 years on all 12 vessels and ordered for all six Canadian Navy AOPS.
  • Over 850 vessels across 40 Navies and Coast Guards worldwide use Thordon Propeller Shaft Bearings

Precision Propellers by Dominis Engineering Ltd.
Major Naval projects Dominis has supplied:

  • Spare CP propeller blades for Canadian Patrol Frigates (CPF)
  • Monoblock propellers for Egyptian Fast Missile Craft (EFMC)
  • Water jet impellers for Littoral Combat Ship (LCS)
  • Water jet impellers for Improved Navy Lighterage System (INLS)

Top Quality Propeller Shaft Line & Couplings by Patriot Forge Ltd.
Patriot is an approved vendor of an array of defense components and delivers quality and dependability with extensive experience in supplying the defence industry:

  • Navy shipbuilding components
  • Naval ship dampening and isolation components
  • Submarine pumps
  • Naval aircraft launching and arresting equipment
  • Large caliber gun barrels and cannon systems
  • Ground combat system components

Shaftline System Scope & Design

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Thordon Bearings Inc.

Headquartered in Burlington, ON, Thordon Bearings Inc., a Thomson-Gordon Group company, is a family-owned business manufacturing high performance, oil and grease-free bearing systems, seals and other shaft line products for the global marine, clean power, pump and industrial markets. Thordon Bearing systems offer exceptional wear life, a low coefficient of friction and can be easily machined on site. In-house design engineers consult with customers to provide innovative bearing system designs that meet or exceed the customer’s technical requirements. Thordon Bearings' engineering and quality focus has earned worldwide recognition.

Dominis Engineering Ltd.

Headquartered in Ottawa, ON, Dominis Engineering is recognized leader in ship propeller manufacturing and design. The company’s own state-of-the-art technology for CNC milling to "final form and finish" is used to manufacture monoblock propellers, CP propeller blades and water jet impellers for Canadian and US Navy and Coast Guard vessels. Dominis’ technology eliminates robotic grinding of propeller surfaces and hand finishing of leading edges from the manufacturing process. Dominis is the only “sovereign” propeller manufacturing facility in Canada.

Patriot Forge Co.

Headquartered in Brantford, ON, Patriot Forge is the largest custom open-die and rolled ring forging company in Canada and a leader in the global market. Patriot specializes in producing high grade specialty steel and metal alloy components that are sold on the global market in sectors such as oil and gas, nuclear power, infrastructure, aerospace and the military. Only the forging process can yield a grain structure oriented to the part shape, resulting in optimum toughness, ductility, impact strength, and fatigue strength. Forged materials are often the only option for highly critical applications.

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