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Main Guide Bearing

Thordon Bearings offers two grades of water lubricated main shaft guide bearings for new turbines, upgrades from other bearings and full conversions from sealed oil systems.Thordon SXL main guide bearing with segmented shaft seals installed

Thordon SXL offers the lowest coefficient of friction, superior adhesive wear performance and good resistance to wear resulting from third particle abrasion.

Thordon GM2401 is specially formulated to provide superior wear resistance in abrasive-laden water conditions, routinely outwearing rubber bearings by a factor of two or more, yet, still exhibiting a significantly lower coefficient of friction compared to rubber.

Thordon Turbine Shaft Guide Bearings offer:
• Long wear life and lower maintenance costs mean lower life-cycle costs
• Eliminates pollution risk
• Superior customer service means quick delivery and less downtime
• Full-cycle technical support includes system design, machining, installation and after-sales service
• Certification to ISO 9001:2008 ensures consistent custom and stock solutions

Thordon bearings can be specified as an upgrade for rubber or other non-metallic bearings in existing water-lubricated bearing systems or as a complete conversion from sealed oil or grease lubricated systems to pollution-free water lubrication.