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This page contains reference application information for Thordon Main Guide Bearings.


RaanaafossRAANAAFOSS Rehabilitated with Oil-free Main Guide Bearings

The Raanaasfoss I Power Plant in Norway recently began a rehabilitation project to update the plant's performance and render it more environmentally friendly. In keeping with this goal, the plant has been fitted with Thordon SXL water lubricated turbine guide bearings and segmented shaft seals. <<More>>


Maintenance at Inco Hydropower Generating Plant No Longer Frazzled by Downtime Concerns
Frazzle ice is created when long periods of extremely cold weather, typically in the -35°C (-31°F) range, turn river water into a giant Slushie®. This isn't uncommon on The Spanish River in Northern Ontario, Canada, home of three Inco Hydropower Generating Stations. There is a risk that the turbine may run dry and the turbine guide bearings may overheat and need to be removed, inspected and reinstalled again. This caused a lot of downtime...until Inco started using Thordon SXL main guide bearings.<MORE>

 China Hydro-Electric Producer Converts to Thordon SXL Main Guide Bearings
China has the fastest growing economy and the largest hydro-electric resources in the world. Nestled in the upper reaches of the Songhua River in northeast China, Fengman Hydropower Station is operated by Northeast Electric Power Group Corporation (NEEPGC). The facility was originally built in 1937 and is today equipped with 10 turbo-generated units featuring a total installed generating capacity of 1002.5MW. Fengman has been using rubber main shaft guide bearings for decades, but recent tests showed a much better water lubricated bearing that performed better and saved them money. <MORE>



Enel North America using Thordon in 3 MGB's
Many of the world's vertical and horizontal hydro turbines run on water lubricated main guide bearings. Wear life for these bearings is heavily influenced by the type and quantity of abrasives present in the water. <More> PDF


 Thordon SXL guide bearing eliminates risk at the Star Lake Generating Station
Reliability was an important factor in the Star Lake Hydro Partnership's decision to replace the Star Lake Generating Station's turbine guide bearing. As manager of the Star Lake Generating Station in southwestern Newfoundland, Canada, Robert Conlon wanted to replace a water-lubricated, hydrostatic turbine guide bearing in a vertical Francis unit that required a complex high pressure filtered water supply. Concerns were alleviated when the hydrostatic metal bearing was replaced with a water-lubricated, Thordon SXL turbine guide bearing operating in hydrodynamic conditions. <MORE>