Other Dredger Applications

Thordon bearings provides pollution-free, low maintenance and long lasting solutions for dredge bearing applications. Our clean, low-friction, easily machined polymers offer outstanding wear life. They eliminate grease or oil while reducing downtime and lower maintenance costs.

Thordon Bearings designs and manufactures a complete line of grease and oil-free that can be used on other dredge applications:  

  • Ladder drive bearings 
  • Ladder trunion bearings
  • Ladder wire rope sheave bearings
  • Pipe support swivels
  • Spud housing bushes
  • Pump bearings




References articles of Thordon commercial Propeller shaft bearings in blue water operation



The final (fully finished) sizing of a Thordon elastomer or ThorPlas bearing can be determined by using the Thordon Bearing Sizing Calculation Program.

To download the Thordon Bearing Sizing Calculation Program Version 2017, Release 10, a user registration is required.

Request Bearing Sizing Program User Registration Number

Download Bearing Sizing Calculation Program (2.2 MB) Version 2017, Release 10

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